When Eileen Morchinsky, a lonely secretary lost in the shuffle of corporate America, the butt of water cooler jokes and living alone in a mouse-infested five-floor walkup, spots an ad for a fully functioning mechanical male companion, she decides to stop reading her romance novels and begin living one. When the exterminator, Joey Bartalucci, shows up to wrangle the rodents in her apartment, she mistakes him for her mail-order groom and a tender relationship is born.  But the couple’s newfound bliss short-circuits when the real Acme Brand Mr. Irresistible finally arrives.

Joey is no match for the seemingly perfect specimen of manhood and quickly finds himself single again, while Eileen finds herself in the arms of the man she’s always dreamed of.  Her Mr. Irresistible comes fully equipped to make her fantasies come true…all of them.  And after complaining about a coworker, who mysteriously winds up dead, Eileen begins to realize what her robotic Romeo is capable of.  Eileen vows to return the hunky purchase and win back her one true love, Joey.  But Mr. Irresistible was made to Eileen’s specifications, and if returned, will be recycled for parts.  When his Artificial Intelligence switches into survival mode, a game of cat-and-mouse ensues, forcing Eileen to make a life or death decision. In that process, she discovers her true voice… and the truth that the love she went searching for has been with her the whole time.